Perkin Warbeck appeared from nowhere and claimed to be Richard Duke of York, the younger son of Edward IV – one of the ‘Princes in the Tower’. To some people, including the influential and rich Margaret Duchess of Burgundy, he was the real thing – tall and handsome like her brother the late king and a true heir to the Plantagenet legacy. Others suspected that he was an imposter; but they couldn’t be certain. And in the whole of Europe, only Janet Evershed knew the truth: that he was, indeed, the son of King Edward, but a bastard with no claim to the throne. Perkin saw himself as a chivalrous Knight of the Round Table, coming to rescue the downtrodden English from a murderous tyrant usurper. But the reality of his situation did not match his shining vision and offered him questions instead of answers. What was the right thing to do?


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