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What are we looking for right now?

Unlike some publishers and agents, we are always open for submissions and as part of our growth strategy for 2023 and 2024, we are looking for writers of historical romance, historical fiction, contemporary romance, quirky romance, romantic suspense, in fact, romantic fiction of all types. It goes without saying the storylines must be very commercial and of course, in contemporary fiction contain inclusive and diverse topics that reflect our modern sexualities, races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, body types, disabilities, and ages.

We do not publish children’s books, autobiographies, any nonfiction, or poetry although we do consider YA with romance themes.

A few necessary facts about what to submit

Formatting choices are up to you. If we can read it, you can submit it. But ideally, a simple Word .doc is best.

You don’t need an agent or representative although we welcome approaches from agents.

Ideally your manuscript should consist of 60 - 80,000 words. Manuscripts consisting of 100,000 words or more we would recommend considering dividing your manuscript into 2 parts. 

Send us an email with your name, address, and telephone number, and include your manuscript as an attachment to

You should receive an answer within about two weeks. If you don’t hear from us after 4 weeks then, please email with the name of your manuscript and the date that you originally sent it.

That sounds great, but what are the royalties?

Romaunce royalties are typically 50% after the first 10,000 eBook copies sold and start at 25%. (These terms are based on no advance although we are open to negotiation if your book is exceptional or if you are a published author with a proven track record of sales) The print books receive standard mass-market royalties. Authors who are members of the Society of Authors in the UK are encouraged to submit our contract for vetting. Any authors who are members of the RNA, IWU, ALLi, or AmSAW are also encouraged to submit our contract to these organizations for vetting to help eliminate ambiguity, enhance clarity, and promote good faith.​

What kind of marketing and publicity will my book be getting and where will it be sold?

Because every book is different, our marketing plans don’t follow a set formula. But our strategy usually includes information sent to key reviewers, bloggers, and association websites, consideration for strategic pricing and key account promotions, targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising, targeted Twitter advertising, targeted Google advertising, targeted AMS advertising, and more. In addition, your book will be available globally on all the major online retail sales channels. If your readers want print, every book longer than 25,000 words will be available in print at those same retailers at some stage. Worldwide English language distribution ensures that your book will be available in English around the world.

Who are Romaunce Books?

Romaunce (Middle English for ‘romance’) is the home of award-winning romantic fiction. Some modern, some historical, but all entertaining and imaginatively well-written.

Founded by publisher Antonia Tingle, Romaunce publishes original romantic fiction, with a focus on commercial, award-winning novels. In addition to commissioning original romantic fiction we are expanding our list by republishing neglected, classic historical, and romantic fiction titles from renowned authors such as the late Angela Lambert, aiming to release around 100 titles a year.

Our mission is to illuminate, entertain and enrich the lives of our readers, putting books in their hands in a variety of convenient formats, wherever and whenever they choose, whilst embracing the ongoing technological revolution taking place in the publishing industry today. We focus on getting the most out of each book through attention to detail at every stage of the process, from editing to design and formatting, marketing, and publicity and we do this because all of us here at Romaunce love publishing and want to do our best to achieve outstanding results for authors, agents and our readers.

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