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Romaunce hits jackpot with author Alan Gold 'The Book of Alys' the mysterious mistress to Henry II

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Romaunce Books has scooped four historical novels by best-selling author Alan Gold with more in the pipeline including Alan’s first foray into romantic fiction.

Alan’s first four novels to be published by Romaunce Books will be 'The Book of Alys' (mistress to King Henry II), His Head on a Platter (the life and times of the Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi), 'The Book of Mary' (the little-known mother of Jesus), and 'The Devil’s Disciple' (the life and times of the most famous magician in history, Dr. Faustus).

Publisher Antonia Tingle acquired English speaking rights, initially on a four-book deal which will be published in early 2023.

About Alan Gold

Alan Gold is an internationally published and translated novelist, whose books of historical fiction bring back to vivid life some of the most fabulous women who have been written out of history. From biblical heroines like Jezebel, to fabulous women of recent centuries such as Gertrude Bell (the brains behind Lawrence of Arabia) Alan specializes in discovering and bringing back to their rightful place in our culture those women who have led amazing lives and done extraordinary things, yet whose place in history has been minimized.

Alan now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Eva, and they have three children, and three grandchildren.


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