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Coincidentally in Venice - Ash and Jules, worked from home in sales due to Covid restrictions and their holiday plans were cancelled but are entertained by people watching on live webcams of Venice. They even have a nickname for a man they frequently see walking his dog - Dog Man!
They finally make it to Venice in April 2022, but they've now been made redundant. The excitement builds as they begin their first evening. They decide to eat at a restaurant in the corner of Saint
Mark’s square, where they could easily spot Dog Man if he walked by. Meanwhile, Jules and a Venetian waiter, Davide, hit it off. During dinner Ash thinks she spots an ex-work colleague, Joe, in the distance.

Ash, on a mission to find her true calling, explores the beautiful art museums, galleries, and sights of Venice. Along the way, she coincidentally meets the charming ex-colleague Joe who is working in
Venice. Her friend Jules finds love with the handsome Italian waiter, Davide. Ash met Joe briefly at work, but it wasn't until they met in Venice that Ash realized she was falling for him. Joe was not only kind and ravishingly good-looking, but he also shared her love of art. When it was time for Ash and Jules to return to London, Joe was devastated, but their night together in his flat overlooking the rooftops of Venice was unforgettable. Joe later visits Ash in London and stays for a week, where they fall madly in love.

Coincidentally in Venice

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Expected delivery around August 30th 2024. In case of pre-order problems email
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