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An historical novel based on the life of the 17th-Century Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi, who defied her rape and torture through masterful paintings.


"The works shall speak for themselves." So wrote Artemisia Gentileschi in 1649, in a letter to a patron acknowledging her rare position in the art world at that time: a painter, and a woman. Although all too aware that she had a harder job being taken seriously, she had faith in her talent, her work.


Gentileschi's work is known for its strong women, and its vibrant, even shocking depictions of violence. Her story is one of talent, but also resilience, ambition, and fierce determination.


For Gentileschi had to overcome personal trauma and public humiliation before she could attain the status as one of the most significant Italian artists of the age. Raped at 17 by her painting tutor, she endured a scandalous seven-month trial in which she was tortured to ‘prove’ she was telling the truth. Yet she went on to became internationally successful, at a time when painting at all was incredibly rare by a woman.


His Head on a Platter by Alan Gold

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