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It’s Venice and a professor and young English teacher together curate an edition of Casanova’s

memoirs revealing all their secret desires. What could go wrong?


Ellie Murphy gets a job teaching English at a school in Venice where she meets Professor Piero Contarini, suave, sexy, enigmatic and the descendent of an old Venetian family. She agrees to help him with a project curating a new edition of the memoirs of the famous seducer and ne'er-do-well, Giacomo Casanova.


But taking their task to heart and uncovering some of their own secret fantasies, they start to enact the seducers adventures, with each other, ecstatically revealing their own kinks as they

do so.


But who is that watching them from the shadowy alleyways of Venice?

The Casanova Papers by Kate Zarrelli

SKU: 9781739117382
Expected delivery 6th April 2024. In case of pre-order problems email
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