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Isaac Alvarez is a heretic, a reluctant spy, and a murder suspect. Can he prove his innocence and quell a rebellion to reunite his family?


Granada, Andalusia, 1499

Forced to convert to Catholicism Isaac remains a Jew at heart. Exiled from Seville by King Ferdinand for heresy he is suspected of murdering the Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada. Did he?

Andreas, a priest, has been accused of the murder and imprisoned. Alonso, Torquemada’s previous deputy and an old foe of Isaac’s, has now returned from exile in the Indies determined to prove his childhood friend’s innocence.


Isaac now lives with Abdul Rahman – a wealthy Muslim spice merchant – his wife Fatima, and his brother Ali Sina, the last apothecary in the city. He works for Archbishop Talavera. Granada is in turmoil. The rulers coerce Muslims to embrace Catholicism. A rebellion is developing, led by Abdul Rahman. The King instructs Isaac to spy on the rebels. He is conflicted by his loyalty to the brothers and his love for Fatima, but reluctantly agrees.  

The Red Citadel by Michael Lynes

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