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Twelfth-century Europe: Walter, a brilliant young singer, leaves his home in the forests of Germany in search of love and fame. He joins the Crusades and while wandering between monasteries and castles, clashes with a mysterious Brotherhood of Watchers. His struggle leads him to Constantinople, and a meeting with the Doge of Venice – which will change him utterly. Who is Walter though? What really is his role in the great affairs of his time? Present-day Oxford: G, an exceptional and slightly sinister don, dies in the most bizarre circumstances while working on a medieval manuscript. The manuscript, based upon an occult system, is about Walter. How does the past reach out to the present? This is a powerful and compelling tale about personal and political catastrophe in a time of uncertainty and danger. It is also a daring and brilliant contemplation of the Middle Ages with an unforgettable hero whose music weaves magic, and a certain mayhem, throughout the tale. ‘An intriguing adventure of the hermetic imagination across time, T.J. Armstrong’s first novel compels attention throughout its twinned story-lines and leaves a strange afterglow in the mind’

Walter and the Resurrection of G - a daring, brilliant novel of the Middle Ages

SKU: 9781861515391
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